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10 sites that turbo boost your productivity

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We can all use a boost from time to time with our productivity. Whether we need a quicker way to check our grammar, set up social media posts, or just need help taking a break from our work – there is a website for it!

Here are our 10 favourite productivity websites:


Grammarly is more than just your average spell checker. You can use it to check your sentence structure, tone of voice, and word choice. Download it onto your computer for easier access and it will scan your work as you type, it’s like your own personal assistant. Did we also mention it’s free!

This definitely isn’t one to be missed – trust us (how do you think our blogs are written so well?!).

Try Grammarly

Have you ever found spreadsheets to be confusing, tiresome and difficult to share with others? Checkout takes the concept of spreadsheets and simplifies them while letting you very easily share with other people. You can create boards (spreadsheets) in for absolutely anything from shopping lists to full project management with gantt charts. You could even build yourself a custom CRM system just the way you want it. We are very impressed with



Are you working from home and struggling to concentrate? If you’re anything like us and you need some white noise while you work, try Coffitivity! Teleport your workstation to a coffee shop at the click of a button. A variety of sounds ranging from Morning Murmur to Brazil Bistro will ensure you feel right in your comfort zone.

Try Coffitivity

Password strength tester

If there is one thing that will destroy your productivity it’s having your accounts hacked into. Password strength tester will tell you exactly how long it would take someone to hack your password. Use this information to create a password that would take several hundred years to crack instead of several seconds!

Tip – Try using a sentence for your password and it may take billions of years to crack – yes BILLIONS! For example why not compare our password ‘Holly likes Facebook 75’ to your password. (it’s not really our password!)

Test your password strength


Turn any text into audio with Narro. This website lets you upload text and then choose between 25 different AI voices to read it back to you. Whether you’re too busy to read a long document, or preparing a presentation, Narro is a very handy website. You can also download the app so you can listen on the go – talk about enhancing your productivity!

Try Narro


Become a design guru with Canva! Choose from a variety of social media templates and include your own text, images and colour pallet. It’s quick and easy to use, and can really boost your social media appearance. Not only does Canva help you create incredible social media content but you can design presentations, business cards, and much more!

Try Canva

Your Office 365 portal

Like most of our customers, you probably have a work Office 365 account already. But have you explored all there is to offer in the Office 365 system yet? We won’t spoil the surprise for you, so go ahead and log in and look around.

Log in to your Office 365 portal here

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

We all need a break from our work from time to time. Taking a small break can help boost productivity, as it helps you free refreshed before getting back to your work. This website forces you to leave your mouse and keyboard alone for two minutes whilst you look at a relaxing photo of the sea and listen to the waves. Think a two-minute break is pointless? Give it a try (it’ll only take a couple of minutes!).

Take a break with Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


An inspirational catalogue of ideas! Designing a leaflet? Pinterest. Rearranging your office? Pinterest. Looking for a new look? You guessed it… Pinterest. With so many different high-quality images, whatever you need inspiration with, Pinterest can provide it instantly.

Try Pinterest

Google (of course!)

We could hardly leave Google out now, could we? It’s only the most important website on the internet (other than With quick access to websites, news, weather, images, and more, it’s a fabulous tool. However, not everyone uses it to its full extent.

If you missed it before, revisit our article: How to search Google the right way to find out how you can get the most out of Google.

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