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GoDaddy hacked, now what?

The background

On the 22nd November 2021, GoDaddy put out a statement confirming they discovered unusual activity on their network. Further investigation revealed that the service provider was being hacked for around 2 months before they were discovered.

The risk

GoDaddy confirmed that the hackers obtained email addresses, passwords, account numbers and some encryption codes from GoDaddys databases.

If the compromised customer used a common email address/password combination hackers are now trying to use this information to log in to other sites. So this breach has much wider consequences than just GoDaddy being compromised.

The solution

If you have, or have had, a GoDaddy account please immediately log in to the account and change your password to a random password. Do NOT use a common password.

This is important: If your hacked GoDaddy account used your ‘normal’ password please go to every other website (Facebook, Tesco, Amazon, eBay, Online banking etc) and change that password immediately.

Remember an email/password combination is like a key to a door. If you have the same key for your car, house, office and storage units then you must change every lock if you lose that one key.

The future

It is nearly impossible to stop hackers. Full stop.

But you can protect yourself against this happening again by simply having a different password for every website you use. Just save that password in your favourite password manager. Personally, I like the password tool built into the new Edge browser as it’s backed up to my Microsoft 365 account.

If you’re worried about this GoDaddy hack and how it might affect you then simply contact us on 03333 055 055.


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