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How to work from home during the Coronavirus?

Are you ready?

Working from home” three words that, prior to recent events, for many meant ‘flexible, relaxed’ and ‘possibly more productive’. Yet now they have a slightly different meaning. Working from home looks like ‘isolation’, ‘necessity’ and ‘do I have enough toilet roll’.

There are some unexpected perks to working through a period of self-isolation. For instance it could be a chance to get on top of your emails, plan your marketing strategy for the next few months or even learn a new skill.

As the hours tick by having to work from home is becoming a very real possibility. So, if you or your staff do need to work from home for any amount of time, what do you really need in place to be able to do so?

Ask yourself the following questions

  1. Do I have the right space to work?

Firstly, let’s strip it right back to basics – do you have a desk/table that you can use? Is this space suitable for making calls or working quietly if you need to?

  1. Do I have a computer?

Does this need anything else like an extra monitor, printer or even an internet connection?

  1. Will I need to use a phone?

Will you need to answer calls? Do you need to install any software to be answer calls over the internet? Do you need a headset? Can you use your mobile phone?

  1. Can I access all my files, and do I know all my passwords?

Will you need to download DropBox or connect to a remote desktop? Most of your passwords are probably saved on the office computer, but do you know what they are?

  1. Have I tested working from home to iron out any issues before they become a problem?

How does it work in practice? Do you need anything else?

But ultimately answering these questions has 2 real benefits:

  • To work out what gaps there are and enable you to put the right fixes in place.
  • A little forward planning may help to manage our anxiety or fear if this is to become our short-term reality.

If you need any advice or guidance on how to make this work for you then please do get in touch with a member of our tech team.

And above all, to both our Customers and Suppliers of Alcom IT:

Stay well, stay calm and stay connected …

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