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Urban Front Switches to Dropbox & Azure

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Urban Front


Key Points:

Started In…

20 Minutes

Completed In..

11 Hours

Users Assisted…


Business Downtime…

30 Minutes Per User

Systems Modified..



Capital Costs



The Goal

Urban Front approached us to find an alternative solution to having an in-house server (the heart of any network).

Their Goals Were:

Remove Server

Reduce capital outlay

Maintain security

Improve business resiliency

Work anywhere

The Solution

As Dropbox partners, we knew that Dropbox would be the ideal alternative to replace the current, dated, file server. In addition, Microsoft Azure was chosen to manage log in credentials.

The challenge was to maintain access to all of the clients files, whilst the project was being implemented.

The Results

In just 11 hours, our team transferred all files to Dropbox and connected each computer to Microsoft Azure.

The Improvements were:

Constant access to files without interruption

File access in variety of locations

Improved security

Smooth transition

Lower capital

“Like always Alcom makes things as easy and trouble free as it can be. The transition was well planned , booked with us in advance and executed very professionally on time, one by one and without any disruption to our business. The result is great, much more practical than before,  we can now access everything virtually and our software is automatically updated.”

Nabil Assaf @ Urban Front

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