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Total IT Support

You tell us your issues, we fix them. What could be simpler?

IT Solutions & Project Management

Unload your stress and work with our team of experts to deliver your next project

Supplier & Procurement Services

Finding the perfect equipment for your business from the best manufacturers around


Portfolio of no minimum contract telecoms available based on your needs

IT Products

Variety of high tech products; from Cloud to Dropbox, there are many recommendations our experts can make to help your business’ day to function

Our team experts at Alcom IT are…


We pride ourselves on our professionalism, we vouch to always tackle your IT problems head on & promptly so your business can get back to work.


We don’t only look to solve the current issue but to creatively find resolutions for those repeat issues and stop them in their tracks.


Alcom IT put our all into ensuring our experts are multi skilled & the best at what we do. Whatever you need, they’ve got it covered.

Is your computer slow?

Here's 5 simple things to check before spending money on your equipment...