IT Solutions & Project Management

We work with you to help manage and deliver your next IT project. You can call on our talented experts to work with you today. As a result we can manage almost any solution for you including…

  • Office Moves
  • Server Replacements
  • Security Assessments
  • WiFi Analysis
  • Data Cabling

And so much more.


Our methodical approach means that all solutions are delivered on time and within budget, everytime.

Alcom IT Solutions & Project Management


Because we listen, discuss and fully understand your project needs we are able to let you get on with other things. Furthermore, we often suggest ideas that you may not have thought of.


Because we carefully think the project through we like to keep your down time to a minimum. As a result your staff are remain productive and your business can carry on as normal.


Above all we solve your problems through careful implementation. We also focus on minimising disruption. As a result our solutions aim to exceed your expectations.


Why do you need a project manager?

IT Projects can be very complicated and time consuming. Engaging a company like Alcom IT will set you free to focus on your business. All too often we are called in at the last minute to suddenly pick up the pieces of a poorly planned project. For example we are frequently asked to deliver Internet on the day of an office move. Where the manager may have forgotten to order internet for the new office we will have planned everything in advance. While that might seem trivial it suddenly becomes critical on the Monday morning when users can’t access their email or the online banking. With our years of experience and a team of talented experts we can manage the project on your behalf delivering a solution that is certain to keep your business running and your team happy.

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