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Secure Password Vault

We all know that keeping passwords secure is vitally important but it’s not always easy. This can be especially true if you have multiple internet browsers, use multiple computers or a plethora of mobile devices.

Keeping passwords saved in your browser, Excel spreadsheets or in that book in your drawer offers little to no security because they can be easily copied if anyone gets control of your computer or sits at your desk.

Keeper Password Manager

password vault

A better way to store your passwords is using a dedicated Password Manager such as Keeper Password Manager.

Keeper Password Manager stores all your passwords in a secure central vault that is encrypted with the master password you choose. It is so secure that only your master password can decode your passwords – so don’t forget your master password!

By installing Keeper on your laptop, desktop, Apple Mac, iPhone and/or Android device, all your passwords are kept in sync across all devices. That means if you store a password in your Keeper Vault on your computer it’s instantly accessible on your mobile device as well.

Bonus Features

In addition to the core function of securely storing your passwords in one of the world’s most secure vaults, Keeper also offers a vast array of addition features.

Built in Password Generator

Every app or website should have a different password in case one site gets breached. This way if a website is breached you don’t need to change your password in every website. Keepers built in password generator will suggest a password for you saving you having to think of passwords.

2FA / MFA code Management

As more and more websites require Two Factor (2FA) or Multi Factor (MFA) codes staff can be resistant to installing authenticator apps on their personal devices. Keeper Security has a built in Authenticator app so mobile devices are not required. Simply use the Keeper app in the browser or on the desktop for 2FA/MFA codes instead.

Securely Share Passwords

You’re right, you shouldn’t share passwords but occasionally it’s necessary. For example, some websites just don’t offer multi-user functionality so you are forced to share the password with trusted others. With Keeper you can simply share a password from your vault and it will automatically appear in the other users vault. No need to write it down or copy/paste it an Teams.