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More About 3CX

What Is It?

3CX is the all in one managed cloud solution with powerful and flexible functionalities which outpaces old on-premises phone systems. Make use of your business phone system, and receive & make calls from wherever you are, not just in the office!

The Benefits

  • Drastically cut costs and eliminates the need for expensive conventional phone line rentals.

  • Flexible working is simple, make and receive calls from any location – hot desking, working from home or being abroad is easy with 3CX.

  • Maintain professionalism with your clients, ensuring you are always available for a quick question or a business call.

  • Simple and easy installations, all done by our team, saving you valuable time.

  • Ongoing support from our Support Desk for any assistance you may require.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my calls on my mobile?

Simply install the 3CX app on your device, register your device, and then you can instantly receive and make calls as though you were in the office.

Can you access everything you would normally be able to access in the office, at home?

Yes, there are functionalities available which mean you can answer calls on your computer or mobile, via desktop speaker or a headset.
You can; create call queuing, access call logs, access your teams call recordings, listen to your voicemails, and more.

When I make calls calls from my mobile, does it appear as my business phone number?

Yes, while using the 3CX app, all of the calls you make will appear as your business line.
This is the same if you were to use the app on your home desktop or laptop.