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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Do you feel limited in terms of communication when using Microsoft Teams? Direct Routing will solve that issue!

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams is fundamental to almost every business, which is why we strongly believe that you should be utilizing it as much as possible. Keep everything in one place with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing to make staying in touch with both colleagues and clients as easy as possible.

What is Teams Direct Routing?

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to directly make, receive and transfer phone calls right from the Microsoft Teams app. So, your video calls, phone calls, messaging groups etc are all kept in the same place. Simple!

Still not convinced? Check out more of the benefits below!

What are the benefits?

Dial Pad Within Teams
Use the dial pad within Teams to make a call on any of your devices.

Voicemail With Transcript
Listen to your voicemails alongside a transcription so you don’t need to keep replaying a message to hear vital information.

Transfer Calls
Transer phone calls easily with the option to consult your colleague first with a quick message to see if they are free.

Speed Dial
Easily access colleagues and clients by adding them to the speed dial list.

Custom Groups
Create custom groups which you can then contact together at the touch of a button. Make meetings easier with this clever feature.

And Much More!
If you’re looking to find out more benefits of Direct Routing then give one of our experts a call today on 03333 055 055!

Start your Microsoft Teams Direct Routing journey today…

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