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"Having Alcom IT as our IT Partner of choice has made our staff happier and our business more profitable through reduced downtime, exceptional monitoring and outstanding systems management"
Greg - Corporate Merchandise Supplier


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"Knowing that Alcom IT are continually ensuring our equipment is running properly is the best feeling in the world. One less thing to worry about"
James - Trade Alcohol & Beverage Distributor


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"As a business owners, we all need to manage our budgets carefully. Alcom IT's No Limits Support service gives us the piece of mind that there won't be any nasty surprises."
Tony - Dental Trade Association


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18 mins
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29 seconds

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61 faults

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8 technicians

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41 faults

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"I love the way Alcom IT are held to account. It's easy to claim you're the best in the industry, it's quite another to prove it time and again. Alcom IT have always delivered on any task we've set them."
Andy - Sign & Merchandise Manufacturer


It gets even better! We can work with you in any way you like. We have some predefined packages that might be perfect for your business already. Find out more...

Are all IT Support providers the same?

It can be very easy to think that all IT Support (also known as an MSP) companies are the same. With so many providers out there it can be a minefield deciding which provider is the best fit for you. There are several factors that you should consider when selecting an IT Support partner.

For example, how quickly do they respond. When things go wrong you don't want to be stuck waiting days for technical support. With us we aim to answer every call within just a few minutes. Also, you want to ensure that the company you choose have resilient record keeping. You don't want your issue being forgotten or lost. Time and again we hear of customers frustrated with their old IT companies because they simply forget issues that have been logged. Our internal systems ensure that never happens with us.

Those are just a few of the criteria you should consider when choosing an IT Support provider. If you would like to know more areas that you should consider contact us and we would be happy to come and discuss with you.