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How to turn off ‘Work Mode’ during a well-earned break

It’s that time of year where most of us tend to take a much-needed break away from work. Whether it’s a long vacation or a couple of days at home, most people struggle getting out of ‘work mode’. Getting out of work mode is so important as it allows us to mentally unwind and can help boost our wellbeing.

If you find that you struggle to put work aside when you’re on holiday, follow our guide, so you can enjoy your time out of the office!

Set up your out of office

Let your colleagues and clients know that you’re away by setting your out of office on your emails. This can help stop them from trying to contact you if they don’t realise you’re away from work.

However, remember to set up your out of office correctly so you don’t give our vital information to people who can exploit this, even your return date can pose a potential threat. Luckily, our out-of-office article has everything you need to know about setting this up in the safest way possible.

Turn off notifications

*Ping!*… *Ping!*…. *Ping!* There’s nothing more annoying than your phone going off whilst your trying to relax, especially if it’s work-related. You can turn off your notifications in your phone’s settings menu to stop this. Better yet, you can select which notifications to turn off and which ones to keep on (ideal for getting the latest sports updates!).

Keep off the tech

It’s tricky, we know! However, limiting the amount of time you spend on things such as your laptop or phone etc means less opportunity to quickly check your emails or voicemails from work. Remember you’ve taken holiday for a reason!

Looking to go a step further? *pauses for dramatic effect* Try leaving your phone in the hotel room. Crazy, we know! However, no phone means no distraction. Plus you could always take a camera or use someone else’s phone to take photos.


You may play a very vital role in the company but remember, your colleagues were hired for a reason… they’re good at what they do! Allow yourself to trust your colleagues to cope without you so you can unwind properly.

A good tip is to leave a detailed handover to your colleagues, that way you can rest assured they always have something to refer to if any issues occur.

Set a time to check in (if neccessary!)

Ok, so we understand that there are times when you really can’t fully switch off from work. You may need to check in on certain things every now and again but don’t worry, there is a solution so you don’t spend most of your time off stuck in work mode.

The best measure for this is to set a time each day to check in on your work. That way you can relax for the majority of the time, leaving only a small proportion of your day to catch up and make sure everything is ok back at the office.

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