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Terms and Conditions of Work

Your Data

  1. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have backed up all your data and that, in the event of a system failure, you are able
    to restore your backup to your own satisfaction.
  2. If you are unsure if you have a backup you must request that we backup and restore your data for you; The time required to do this is charged in accordance with our standard labour rates and is in addition to any estimated time we may have given you already. We cannot accept any responsibility for data loss due to system failure and lack of suitable backups.

Work Requested

  1. We will attempt to resolve the issue for which you have specifically asked us to resolve. We will not look for secondary or subsequent issues. If on occasion we identify an issue other than the one reported we will, subject to your acceptance, charge a further labour charge for repairing the additional issue(s).
  2. Due to the complex nature of technology, we cannot always guarantee to resolve all issues. We can only do our level best to resolve the issue using our fully qualified & experienced staff.


  1. If you choose not to continue with the work once we have begun this job you will be charged for the time spent so far in 30 minute intervals, plus the cost of any consumables that may have been deemed necessary to assist us thus far.


  1. If this job involves visiting your premises, we require you to be on site to allow us access to your premises and equipment. More importantly – you must supervise our visit at all times.
  2. If we arrive at your premises and you are not available, not in or do not grant us access we will charge a ‘missed visit’ charge of £80 + vat. Your job will be closed, you will be invoiced and you will need to rebook our staff for an alternative visit at an additional charge.
  3. Visit cancellations must be notified to us 24 hours prior to your agreed visit date and time. Any cancellations after this time will incur a cancellation charge of £80 + vat.


  1. Once we have completed our work we will ask you to test your equipment to your satisfaction. This requires you to test as if it’s a new
    day. Please allow enough time for you to check your equipment and ensure that you are happy with our work.


  1. All parts we supply are warranted by the manufacturers for a period of 12 months unless indicated otherwise. Any faulty parts must be
    reported to the manufacturer directly within 12 months of invoice date.
  2. Our labour fees are charged on a time and fees basis. This means we charge for our time spent working on your issue. Where we are required to continue investigating or conduct additional work our charges will be a continuation of the initial works and not considered a fixed price or covered under any warranty or guarantee of the first attempt.


  1. Our hourly rates are set out below. By continue to use our service you accept and agree to these rates.

    Standard Service: £80 + vat
    Urgent Queue Jump: £100 + vat
    Out of Hours: £140 + vat
  2. Unless you hold a credit account with us you will be required to settle your account once the work is complete. We accept payment in the form of Credit/Debit Card which can be made over the telephone or in person.
  3. Any issues with invoices we send you must be notified to us within 30 days of date of invoice. After this time invoices cannot be
    disputed for any reason.