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Guardian Managed IT

At Alcom IT, we understand that IT can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be. We offer fully managed IT support which we call our Guardian Managed IT Services. Guardian has been designed so you can carry on doing what you know best and leave all your IT worries to us.

Your Guardian Angel

Our Guardian Managed IT Services is a monthly paid plan that covers all your IT needs. It covers anything from hardware failures to fixing broken screens. Check out all the benefits below!

Complete IT Management

Hardware Failure Prediction
We can find out if your hardware is about to fail before it does – meaning we can fix it before any chaos occurs!

Performance Monitoring
Your equipment will be regularly monitored by our experts to ensure that they are all performing how they should be.

Security Updates
We make sure your devices always have the latest security updates so you don’t need to worry about making sure all your staff are regularly updating their computers.

Unlimited IT Support

Unlimited Telephone Support
We’re always on hand for you to call with any queries or issues.

Unlimited Call Outs
If we can’t fix your issue remotely don’t worry! Your monthly payments cover unlimited call-outs.

Unlimited Workshop Repair
Our workshop is always available for you to bring in any device.

Unlimited Loan Equipment Hire
If your device will be in our workshop for a few days, we’ll try and loan you a replacement.

Still want more?
Our Guardian Managed IT Support also includes…

Free Anti-Virus Software
We ensure your computers and laptops are up to date with the latest Anti-Virus software.

Free Anti-Malware Protection
We also ensure your computers and laptops are up to date with the latest Anti-Malware protection.

Free Internet Filtering
If there are any sites you wish to prohibit on all devices we can sort that for you at no extra cost.

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