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Computer service

It’s always a good idea to book your computer in for a service from time to time to make sure everything is working fine. You may not have any visible repairs needed but much like getting your car an annual MOT, it’s worth getting your computer serviced.

What’s included in the servicing?

Deletion of temporary files
(This will free up space on your computer)

Clean up of the system registry

Ensure Windows is up to date

Disable non-essential startup items
(This ensures your computer boots up faster)

Ensure anti-virus is installed and active

and more!

PC’s and Apple Mac’s

We service both PCs and Apple Mac‘s.

Get a quote for a computer service…

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Is there any equipment that can't fixed?

We've been fixing IT Equipment for businesses since 1998. Over this time we think we've seen every possible problem that could exist. So it's very unlikely that you have a problem that we can't fix. Computer repair can be a complex task but like getting your car fixed, having the right people do it can make it look easy. So if you're looking for the right people contact us today.