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5 Browser Tech Tips to Maximise Productivity!

browser tech tips

Everyone can learn some extra tech tips and tricks, whether they’re keyboard shortcuts, new Windows features, or just a way to kill time. These are 5 tech tips for your internet browser to get things done quicker (and show off to your colleagues, naturally).

The Tech Tip to Rule Them All

How often do you accidentally close a tab, or even an entire window?

Re-open the last thing you closed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T. A real time saver, compared to searching your browser history and hunting down that helpful post.

tech tip to rule them all

For more keyboard shortcuts, check out our guide on 20 Windows Shortcuts to Save Time at Work.

Google: The Chameleon

Google is an internet browser, among many other things. But do you need to crunch some numbers and don’t want to pull out your phone? Need an alarm set in 36 minutes? Don’t know how many kilometres are in 432 miles?

Google has an answer to everything. Ask it for a calculator – it’ll be one. Ask for a timer – it’ll start one. Any questions you’d expect Siri or Google Assistant (or even Wikipedia) to answer, you can search in your browser.

Google search of calculator

Get the Right Results!

Searching with quotation marks lets Google know that you’re looking for something specific. It’ll filter out any results that don’t match the words in quotes, so you can be sure to get exactly what you need.

You can put a part of your search in quotes, or all of it. Anything outside the quotes is recognised as a lower priority, so it’ll show semi-relevant guesses to those parts of your query.

Example: searching ’50 “tech tips”‘ will show you tech tips, but won’t guarantee there’ll be 50 of them. Searching ‘”50” tech tips’ will show you lists of 50 things, but not necessarily tech tips.

Google search of - it support "near me"

Send Tech Tips to Your Phone

(Or any web page of course) This is particularly useful if you’re on the go, or use multiple devices at once.

Right click the tab you want to send to your phone, laptop, or computer. Follow the “Send Tab To” option, and choose the device. You’ll see a popup on the recipient – click on that to open the tab.

send tech tips to your phone

If you use Google Chrome (or some other browsers) on two or more of your devices, make sure you’re signed in everywhere to use this.

Search Within a Website Directly

This one’s a little more niche in terms of usage that can speed things up once you get used to it.

Type a website name that you’re going to search for something specific on (eg., hit the Tab key, and Chrome will let you start searching on YouTube, before you’ve even loaded the website.

Hitting Enter will bring you to the website with the corresponding search results.

search for tech tips directly

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