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Cyber Security Training

Making sure your staff are fully aware of the security risks involving the technology they use is absolutely vital. Our Cyber Security Training protects your business but it protects your valuable clients’ information too.

Our Security Awareness Training is a simple solution with effective results! The training will transform the way your staff view risks both online and offline with courses custom-made for each employee.

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Topics covered by our Cyber Security Training

Ensure that your staff are aware of emails that are scam. It can be hard to tell what is and what isn’t scam if you don’t know what to look out for.

Security at Home
Security risks don’t end at the office, and making staff aware of this can help protect them and your business.

Social Engineering
Protect your staff from being manipulated into giving private information, which could be used to commit fraud.

Cloud Security
The Cloud is a great way to store all your files but if your staff don’t follow the correct measures, all of these could be hacked, leaving your business vulnerable.

Secure Passwords
abcde, qwerty, 12345… you’d be surprised how many of your staff use passwords like these or use the same password for everything without realising the threats.

Working Remotely
When people work remotely it’s easy to forget about risks in the comfort of your own home. Ensure your staff are trained to work safely at home.

Social Media
We’re sure most of your staff use social media. That’s fine, as long as they know how to use it safely to protect the company.

Removable Media
Hard drives, USB sticks… risks are involved over both the ones you own and the ones you find laying around.

Physical Security
Not everything is online! Make sure your staff know what physical security risks they face at work.

Public WiFi
Working in a coffee shop etc is great, but using a public wifi does have it’s risks. Make sure your staff know these and how to avoid them.

Mobile Device Security
Mobile devices contain lots of personal information and are also an easy way to target someone.

Internet and Email Usage
Ensure your staffs’ internet and email usage is being conducted in a way that puts no risk to your business or your clients businesses.

Making sure your staff are aware of potential threats is absolutely critical, however, humans do make mistakes and you can’t guarantee that even trained staff won’t accidentally click on a link they aren’t supposed to once in a blue moon.

This is why we suggest also looking at our Advanced Network Protection to ensure your company is as secure as possible.

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Security Awareness Training
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