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Advanced Network Protection

As threats evolve so do we. We are constantly looking for ways to keep your network safe and secure.

That’s why we love our new Advanced Network Protection system.

Advanced Network Protection inspects internet data before it enters your building. It reduces the risk of all sorts of threats including:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing Scams
  • Intrusion Attempts
  • Viruses
  • Malicious Advertising
  • Inappropriate Web Searches

These threats have, until now, been very difficult to protect against because they are not blocked by Antivirus Software or Firewalls.

Advanced Network Protection (ANP) works at the edge of your office network. Like a security guard, it watches the data flowing through the internet connection and inspects every bit of data.

Advanced Network Protection Untangle

If it finds a threat it tries to block it before it enters the building.

Case Study 1

Sally is working on her computer when an email comes in telling her that a parcel could not be delivered. Sally checks all the usual warning signs but the email looks very genuine so she clicks the link to track the parcel. The link, of course, is fake and here is what happens:

Without ANP: The link downloads some ransomware software. The ransomware reaches her computer and the Antivirus tries to block it. Unfortunately, it has already reached the computer before the Antivirus can start to scan the file. Her computer is ransomed. Sally is sad.

With ANP: She clicks the link and the network starts to request the file be downloaded. However, ANP inspects the start of the download and says – NO! You cannot download this file. Sally breathes a big sigh of relief, she is happy.

In addition to threat protection ANP also helps with businesses with compliance.

Most businesses secure files with usernames and passwords but simply allow staff full, unhindered access to the internet. Aside from the lost productive working time, this is a major security risk. There are no controls over the types of websites that staff can visit.

Case Study 2

Contoso Ltd have 9 staff with access to computers secured with antivirus, firewalls, usernames and passwords. However, one of the employees, Tom, has very slow internet at home so decides it’s better to download movies (illegally) at work using peer-to-peer file sharing.

Without ANP: Tom installs the uTorrent app and starts downloading a number of movies illegally, he leaves it downloading and heads off to a sales meeting. The company internet grinds to a halt and all staff start complaining, drifting off to make coffee and end up chatting instead of working. Eventually someone calls Alcom who diagnose the issue. HR now have to have a very difficult conversation with Tom. Tom is in big trouble.

With ANP: Tom attempts to download uTorrent but ANP blocks the download. Unperterbed he downloads the app at home, brings it in to work, turns off his Antivirus, installs uTorrent and tries to find movies to download. No movies can be found because ANP has blocked the data before it enters the building. Tom is frustrated but not in trouble.

As you can see, the power and value of Advanced Network Protection for your business is almost impossible to be understated.

Until now, products that provide this level of protection can cost many thousands of pounds per month. So for that reason, they have usually been beyond the budget of most small businesses.

That’s why we are so excited about our new ANP product. Not only is it as comprehensive as we all need but it is also budget friendly.

What’s involved?

Installation is very simple and free of any labour charges.

To run the Advanced Network Protection software each physical site (office) requires a network inspection device like one of these…

(Hardware prices start from £399 + vat)

Image of a network inspection device

In addition to the hardware, each device requires a simple monthly subscription to keep up to date with all the latest threats.

Protection subscription prices start from just £29 + vat per month*

*Subscription is based on the quantity of devices protected. Devices include workstations, servers, phones, tablets and so on. Discounts are available for non-profit organisations.

Two week trial?

If you would like to see just how powerful our Advanced Network Protection is for yourself, please contact us and request a free 14-day trial. We will install a free loan device in your office and show you just how many threats it has blocked in just 1 day.

Reserve your free trial today…