More About Advanced Network Protection

What Is It?

While all equipment in your network includes Antivirus and Firewalls, our Advanced Network Protection adds a layer of security to help stop threats BEFORE they can enter the building. ANP works at the edge of your office network, like a security guard, it watches the data flowing through the internet connection and inspects every bit of data.

The Benefits

  • Simple & easy installation and free of any labour charge.

  • Monthly subscription.

  • Reduces risk of various threats; Ransomware, phishing scams, intrusion attempts, viruses, malicious advertising, inappropriate web searches.

  • Inspecting every bit of your data to ensure total protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this replace my Antivirus software?

No it does not, ANP is an additional layer of security.

Is this just a firewall?

No, this is a layer beyond the firewall and provides the firewall with added protection.

Do I need an ANP for each site?

This is depending on where your sites are based; if you have multiple sites in different locations then you will need an ANP for each site. However, if you have multiple buildings in the same site / location, which are sharing the same internet, then you will only require one ANP.

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