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Advanced Network Protection

As threats evolve so do we. We are constantly looking for ways to keep your network safe and secure. That’s why we love our Advanced Network Protection system (ANP).

ANP acts like a security guard, it inspects internet data before it enters your building and reduces the risk of all sorts of threats including:



Phishing Scams

Malicious Advertising

Intrusion Attempts

Inappropriate Web Searches

These threats are not blocked by Antivirus Software or Firewalls which can leave your business vulnerable without the protection of ANP.

Advanced Network Protection in action

Sally is working on her computer when an email comes in telling her that a parcel could not be delivered. Sally checks all the usual warning signs but the email looks very genuine, so she clicks the link to track the parcel. The link, of course, is fake and here is what happens:

Without ANP:
The link downloads some ransomware software. The ransomware reaches her computer and the Antivirus tries to block it. Unfortunately, it has already reached the computer before the Antivirus can start to scan the file. Her computer is ransomed and Sally can’t access any of her files without paying a large sum of money.

With ANP:
She clicks the link and the network starts to request the file be downloaded. However, ANP inspects the start of the download and says – NO! You cannot download this file. Sally breathes a big sigh of relief, doesn’t download the file and continues with her work as usual.

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