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6 surprising ways you can make use of your old computer

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So, you’ve just bought yourself a brand new computer… fantastic! Now you just need to decide what to do with your old one. Rather than just throwing it away, why not do something useful with it? There are so many things you can do with your old computer and here are some of our favourites…

1. Turn it into a kids computer

Turn your old computer into a computer just for kids. This is a great way to give a child their first computer and by setting up parental controls, you can make sure it is safe for them to use. You can easily block certain sites you don’t want them to access, control their usage, restrict downloads, and monitor what they are doing.

2. Make some adjustments and help someone out

Why not set your computer up for someone who would otherwise struggle? With the options to adjust the screen contrast, change the text size, and include voice commands on some computers, it could make someone’s life much easier. Someone such as an older family member might avoid using computers as they usually struggle but with a few adjustments you could help them out.

3. Use it for extra storage

We’ve all be there. Those dreaded three words… ‘no storage available’. So, why not use your old computer as another storage device? It a great way to keep certain photos or files you don’t need on hand all the time but also don’t want to get rid of.

4. Give your printer an upgrade

We know what you’re thinking, ‘how can my old computer upgrade my printer?’ Well, if you have a computer that connects with a USB cable, you can usually only print from the computer connected, which can be a real hassle. However, turning your old computer into a print server will allow any computer to use the printer wirelessly.

This might sound a bit complicated but you can find out more here or give one of our experts a call on 03333 055 055 and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

5. Donate it

Your computer may not be of use to you anymore but it could make someone’s day. There are many places that will be more than happy to take it off your hands, such as charity shops, local libraries, or schools.

6. Sell it… or bits of it!

Why not make a bit of money from it? You may think your computer is too old or damaged to make any money but you’d be surprised what you could get for it. A lot of places will end up buying your computer to use certain parts of it such as the screen etc. It is well worth a try and eBay is a great place to start looking at selling your computer online!

Bonus answer… Do something creative with it!

Let your imagination run wild! We are currently creating book ends with old parts from one of our PC’s, and we’ve even heard of people creating keyrings or earrings from their old keyboard keys.

Looking for more ideas on what to do with your old computer? Give us a call on 03333 055 055 and speak to one of our experts!

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