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7 email shortcuts to master your inbox

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Whether it’s a quicker route to work or a faster way to cook a meal everyone loves a shortcut. They make our lives so much easier!

So if you knew some powerful shortcuts to help you get your inbox under control in Outlook, would you use them?

Our most whizzy of computer whizzes use all sorts of shortcuts when using Outlook and we’ve asked them to share their favourites here.

What is a shortcut?

Before we get into our list, what exactly is a shortcut? You may have only heard the word ‘shortcut’ when describing the examples above, however, a computer shortcut is when you use a combination of keys on your keyboard to access things quicker than using the mouse.

So, for example, when you see the term Ctrl+2 that means press and hold the CTRL key then while holding that key down, press the number 2, then release both.

Here’s an example of us doing CTRL+2

Ctrl+2 shortcut example

If you see the term F7 for example that means press the keys about the number keys that are labelled F1, F2 etc. On some laptops, you might have to turn on your “function lock” for those keys to work.

But beware, all shortcuts have a starting point and rarely can be used unless you are in the right place to start with.

Our favourite Outlook email shortcuts are…

1. Spell Check – F7

How often do you find yourself clicking the check spelling tool in outlook? Some of you may even copy and paste your emails into an online spell checker (we’re not judging we promise!). Well at the touch of a button you can spell check your emails before sending them out. Just press F7 and you’re good to go!

Starting point: Writing an email (new or reply).

2. Send a new email – Ctrl+Shift+M

Probably the most useful shortcut and the one you’re bound to use the most often. Just use Ctrl+Shift+M to start a new email.

Starting point: Your normal inbox (list of emails).

3. Access your calender – Ctrl+2

Need to check your schedule? Ctrl+2 will launch you into your calendar from your inbox!

Starting point: Your normal inbox (list of emails).

4. Send the email – Alt+S

Once you’ve finished typing up an email don’t worry about moving away from the keyboard, save yourself some valuable seconds (they all add up!) and press Alt+S to send it.

Starting point: Inside an email you are currently writing.

5. Mark emails as unread – Ctrl+U

Moving the mouse, right-clicking, selecting ‘mark as un-read’, left-clicking… it’s a thing of the past! Just press Ctrl+U when reading an email to mark it as un-read. Simple.

Starting point: Your normal inbox (list of emails) with the email you want to mark selected.

6. Forward email by – Ctrl+F

Looking to forward an email to someone? Try using a shortcut! Press Ctrl+F and enter the email of the person you want to forward it to.

Starting point: Reading an email you have received.

7. Reply to sender – Ctrl+R

Reply to emails with the touch of a button, well two actually. Just press Ctrl+R and started typing to reply.

Starting point: Reading an email you have received.


Now go and give these shortcuts a go, try using Ctrl+R to reply to one of our emails and let us know your favourite shortcut. We may even send you a few bonus shortcuts too if you’re lucky!

If you get stuck using shortcuts or if you need any other techie advice please give us a call on 03333 055 055.

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