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How to speed up your computer with ease

Didn’t get that faster computer for Christmas you asked for? Don’t worry! There’s someone else that can help you get your hands on a speedier computer and it’s not a bearded man in a red suit that eats all your cookies, it’s Alcom IT (although we don’t mind being offered cookies from time to time!) So, if you’re wondering how to speed up your computer, here’s our list of things that can help your computer run faster:

Limit the amount of startup programmes

When you start your computer up it is great to have the programmes you usually use already loaded. But bear in mind, this can really affect your computers’ load up time, in fact, it is the most common cause of computers being slow. We’re not saying to not have any startup programmes, just the ones you really do need such as your antivirus rather than iTunes for example.

To see what startup programmes are enabled simply click Windows key + X > Task Manager > Startup

Close a few tabs

Ok, we get it. You’re working on a big project and need to use lots of different tabs. However, every tab you keep open is taking up a bit of RAM space on your computer. The more RAM you have free, the faster your computer will be.

So, rather than close all of your important tabs, try using bookmarks. If you’ve never used bookmarks then you’re in for a treat! Not only will this help speed up your computer but it will help you stay more organised. Simply click the star in the top right of your internet browser and choose to either favourite the page you are on or create a folder to add multiple web pages (example shown below)

You can also add as many bookmarks as you like! So, you can keep multiple folders for various projects you’re working on for easy access, just like I’ve done (below).

Get the duster out!

That’s right, not everything that speeds up your computer is based on internal problems. If your computer hasn’t been dusted in a while or the vents are being covered up then you could be causing your computer to overheat. An overheated computer is bound to work slower than a cool computer.

So, make sure your computer is free of any dust and is in an open space with plenty of ventilation!

Clear space on your hard drive

Do you remember when your computer was twice as fast? No, you’re not imagining it. When your hard drive is almost full, your computer can become half as fast! The best way to fix this is by getting in touch with us and having one of our experts either upgrade your hard drive to allow more space or get us to do a full computer service for you.

If you’ve tried all of these and are still having issues trying to speed up your computer then give one of our experts a call on 03333 055 055 and we can book your device in for a full computer service.


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