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How we survived the switch from paper to the cloud

The benefits of a paperless cloud.

“Once upon a time there was a local business who were professional, attentive and caring. But behind the scenes they were bursting at the seams with stacks of paper, overflowing filing cabinets and bookcases buckling under the weight of disheveled lever arch folders. They were outgrowing yet another office and were starting to feel the pressure, quite literally … so they decided to go paperless on the cloud and lived happily ever after”

Making the decision to go paperless is quite a scary proposition. Often it’s better the devil we know, even if that devil is a sea of paperwork! So what, honestly, are the benefits to a paperless cloud?

Reduce your carbon foot print

Firstly, an extremely ethical benefit, is that you’ll be saving trees. Deforestation is a huge concern for our environment so by moving to the cloud you’ll be helping preserve the life of trees.

Save money using the paperless cloud

Another, financially joyous, benefit to cloud working is it’ll reduce business costs for printing and storing paperwork. As a result there’s also vastly less waste too!

A tidier work environment

Less paper obviously equals less clutter. And we all know the phrase “a tidy desk equals a tidy mind” 😊

Faster access to information

Searching through folders can be incredibly time consuming. It is sooooo much quicker to find documents stored on the cloud. With the right tools you can access documents anywhere and anytime. So no more asking Mary in Accounts to dig out that invoice from 2016!

Cloud gives better disaster recovery

Cloud backed up data can be recovered quickly. Paperwork that has been subjected to fire, flood or theft, in contrast, is rarely recoverable.

It can encourage business growth

Less paperwork = less physical storage. And the less storage you need the easier it is to move premises. Furthermore you could use the freed up space to take on a new member of staff.

Not only will you survive this transition but you’ll quite likely discover something quite profound (as did we) … ultimately, we discovered that we’d actually been holding ourselves back. Who knew!

So, in summary, there are so many positives to embracing the cloud and going paperless. We have helped a great many of our clients modernise in this way and seeing the positive impact on their business each time is always heartwarming.

If you’d like to talk through going paperless and how best to do it, then please get in contact. Pop in for a coffee and we’ll even show you how our very own finance department embraced going paperless …

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