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Microsoft’s hidden drawing tool you never knew about

Have you ever printed out a Word document only to scribble over it in a red pen making a bunch of amendments? We haven’t. That’s because we use Microsoft Word’s drawing tool. It allows us to doodle, highlight, and write all over a document without needing to print it out.

What about signing a contract or agreement. Do you print, sign, scan, email? No need, just use the drawing tool and save the document. Tada!

We’re sure saving paper (and time) is enough of a reason for you to want to use it but here’s six more anyway!

#1 You can get creative with it

With so many options such as a variety of pens, colours, strokes etc. you can get seriously creative with the Microsoft Word drawing tool. I mean, we don’t like to brag but just look at the image above we made…

#2 Ink to math

If you’re ever using word and need to price anything up for a customer for instance, then the Ink to Math tool might just be your saviour. It’s a super-fast way to write complex maths equations with ease. All you need to do is click Draw > Ink to Math and begin drawing your equation!

#3 Ink to shape

Need to add a shape to your word doc? (or by now ‘masterpiece’ is probably a more suiting term). Simply click Draw > Ink to Shape and draw whichever shape you desire. Word will then convert this into the shape it thinks you’re trying to draw. Ideal for circling certain parts of text as shown below.

#4 The drawing canvas

If you ever had trouble staying within the lines whilst drawing as a kid, you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is click Drawing Canvas next to the Ink to Math button. As long as you start drawing within the drawing canvas, anything you draw outside of its boundaries will be deleted.

#5 Replay your drawing

Once you’ve finished annotating over your Word doc you can click the Ink Replay button to play out the drawing in real-time. This is a great way to show someone your thought process rather than just showing them the final product.

#6 It’s fun!

Let’s be honest… it’s pretty fun, isn’t it?

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