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Protect your laptop against physical damage

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We speak a lot about keeping your computer safe from cyber threats but what about physical damage? With so much to worry about keeping safe from online damage we often forget that there are many threats that can physically damage our computers and in particular, our laptops.

1. Don’t drop it

Probably, no wait… definitely the most obvious answer. Do not drop your laptop! This is easily the quickest way to cause physical damage to it. Keep your laptop on the desk or use a bag with a strap for extra protection when moving around with it.

2. Be careful of water damage

Rain. It’s almost inevitable in England, even during those summer heatwaves they always guarantee on the news once a year… Make sure your laptop is well protected by keeping it in a waterproof case or backpack. Better yet, use an umbrella. That way you can keep yourself dry too!

3. Lunch and laptops don’t mix

We understand the feeling. You’re halfway through a productive workflow and you get a bit peckish or thirsty. However, we can’t stress enough that food and drink don’t mix well with laptops, or any tech in general to be perfectly honest. Crumbs can end up in the vents and cause some serious damage over time, and drink spillages can easily cause instant damage if spilt.

4. Check for pens!

Yes, pens. We can’t tell you how many times we have had to deal with broken laptop screens where pens have been left on the keyboard as it has been shut. Double-check your keyboard for anything which could damage the screen when you close it.

5. Keep it clean

Ok, let’s admit it. We have all neglected cleaning our laptops far more than we would like to admit. However, not only does giving your laptop a quick clean help keep up its appearance, but it also helps prevent dust and dirt which can cause your laptop to overheat if it ends up getting the vents. To clean your laptop follow these simple steps.

6. Don’t rest it on a duvet or pillow

This is something that so many people do without realising how damaging it can be for your laptop. Not only can it block the vents so heat can’t escape but it will cause your laptop to suck up any lint or dust from the duvet or pillow.

7. Keep your laptop cool

Ensuring your laptop doesn’t overheat should be one of your main priorities to keep your laptop in prime condition. Make sure you always store your laptop in a place with no external heat sources. Also, when using your laptop you should always make sure that nothing blocking the vents. It is very easy to accidentally block these without realising. If heat is having trouble escaping from your laptop it can cause some serious damage.

Looking to get your hands on some of the items described or wondering about more ways to protect your laptop? Give us a call on 03333 055 055 and speak to one of our experts!

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