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Save time, Pin tabs in Chrome or Edge

When you sat down at your desk this morning you probably opened up the same two or three (or twelve…) websites you use for the majority of the day. Are we right? Of course, we are!

But when we come into work at Alcom IT, all our websites are already open and in the order we want them. But how did we do that?

What is a tab?

A tab is a way to have multiple websites loaded and ready to use. When you open your Internet Browser (Chrome or Edge) it probably has 1 tab and is more than likely Google (just like below).

You can open multiple tabs just by clicking the + sign next to the tab.

The problem is when you close your browser all those tabs vanish forever. Well until you repeat the process again tomorrow.

How to pin a tab

This is one of the easiest power user tricks out there. Just go to a website you use every day and then simply right-click on the tab and choose pin tab. Yes, it’s that easy!

Want more tabs pinned? Easy, just click the + button and open another tab, click on that new tab and go to the website you want then repeat the above by right-clicking and choosing pin.

How to unpin a tab

You’ve probably guessed… simply right-click on a tab and choose unpin tab.

What are the benefits?

Pinned tabs are much smaller than normal tabs and are kept to the left of all your other tabs so they are always visible to you.

They also don’t have a close button so you don’t need to worry about accidentally closing them like regular tabs.

Another nice feature is that some websites make the tab glow when you have important notifications to be aware of.

Now you know how to pin tabs, go ahead and try it for yourself, maybe test it by pinning our website… (no, seriously, please do!).

If you find that you can’t wait till the next #techtimetuesday for more tips, feel free to give us a call on 03333 055 055 and we’ll let you in on some more secrets.

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