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What is 5g and why do you need it?

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We’re sure by now you’ve heard everyone talking about 5G – but what on earth is it? In a nutshell, 5G is the latest generation of mobile internet. It follows 3G and 4G, which transformed the way we use our phones in terms of accessing the internet.

Now you know what it is, you’re probably wondering why you need it? Well… there are many reasons why the four major mobile networks in the UK have launched 5G data plans and we’re about to let you in on them!

Increased speed

You have probably guessed this already but 5G is faster than 4G. Not just a little bit faster though – 10 times faster! This means your download speeds would go from minutes to seconds. Whether you’re downloading a movie to watch on the plane or downloading a large file from work, you can have it ready to use almost instantly.

But 5G isn’t all about speed…

Alternative to broadband

Could 5G replace broadband? Quite possibly! 5G is proven to be faster than some business or home broadbands and could be a great alternative if anything goes wrong with your broadband. If your broadband is playing up or potentially down for a few days it would cause absolute chaos – let’s be honest! However, with 5G you have the perfect substitute that you can rely on. So, whether you need to meet an important deadline for work, or catch up on your latest show, you don’t need to stress.

More accessible than 4G

Have you ever struggled using 4G when you’re in a crowded area? It can be such a nuisance! You’ve paid for it, so why won’t it work?… 5G fixes that problem. 5G has a larger bandwidth than 4G, meaning it allows more people to use it in a certain area than 4G will allow. With more people in an area being able to access 5G at one time you’ll have less trouble using it to its full extent, especially if you’re on one of our unlimited data SIM plans.

Reduced lag

5G has massively improved the latency issues that 4G faced. Latency is the delay that occurs when your device tries to download something. The higher the latency, the longer the delay, causing lag. Imagine clicking a link and your device doesn’t instantly acknowledge this or watching a video and it keeps on stuttering, it can be frustrating and massively reduces productivity. However, with 5G the latency is practically zero… so no more lag!

It’s the future!

As technology moves on so does our need for 5G. With the future looking towards things like self-driving cars, it is an absolute must! The possibilities it opens up for us are endless, from more productive working conditions to drone delivery services – the future really is here. Watch this space!

Eager to get hold of 5G or just want a bit more information on how it will benefit you? Give us a call on 03333 055 055 and talk to one of our experts!

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