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What is a good broadband speed?

Business v Home broadband

What is a good broadband speed for work or home? When it comes to choosing the fastest broadband package you may wonder whether there is much difference between them all. The answer is a resounding yes! Different broadband services each have their own advantages. Not knowing the differences can be very stressful when it doesn’t work. Here we explain the four key differences to look for when choosing a broadband provider.

Speed and performance

Ideally you would want around 5-10 Mbps per person. But did you know that the time of day actually impacts broadband performance? Home broadband is designed to perform better during the evening, whereas business broadband performs better during the day. So, choose a broadband package to suit the times you use it most.

Not sure what you get now? Test it here:


Broadband “contention” is another factor that can affect the actual speed you get. Contention is the number of properties in your area that are using the same internet feed. The more properties using the same feed, the slower your internet speed. Home broadband is shared with up to 50 properties per feed, whereas business averages around 20 per feed.


Business broadband prioritises websites, email, VoIP, and VPN. By contrast home broadband prioritises TV, music and gaming. This doesn’t mean that these services are blocked, it just means they are de-prioritised.

Worse though is that some home broadbands such as Sky and Virgin will actually prioritise TV over everything else. This means they will slow down or drop your connection to the office if too many people in the area want to watch TV.


If your internet goes down it can feel like the end of the world. Especially when you’re halfway through a time critical project (or about to destroy the end of level baddie)!

So when the internet dies what’s the expected repair time? Well, surprisingly, home broadband doesn’t provide a guaranteed repair time. However, business broadband does have a “best effort” repair time of 2-3 days.

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