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IT Supplier & Procurement Service

We are an IT Supplier that specialises in IT Sales with added procurement service. We understand that deciding what equipment perfectly suits your needs can be a painful task.

Let us help you

  • New Computers
  • Laptops, Surfaces & Tablets
  • Servers
  • WiFi and Networking Equipment
  • Printers, Monitors and other accessories

Let us de-stress the buying process and be your IT Supplier & Procurement Service. Use our IT Supplies & Procurement service for free.

An IT Supplier & Procurement Service that demands quality

We only choose from the very best manufacturers. That ensures that you get quality products that will last. Consequently, the total cost of ownership is reduced and you save money.

We do our research

Our experts research the markets daily so they know what’s best for your business. Whatever you need, use our services to ensure you get the right product first time.


Why do you need IT Supplier & Procurement Services?

Scouring the market for complicated technology is a skill developed over time. We employ experts who already know technology. Our team are constantly updated with developments as they happen. For that reason, using Alcom IT to supply your equipment gives you extra piece of mind. So there is no more fearing that you’ve ordered the wrong equipment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about whether you are in license compliance or not. In addition to purchasing the equipment we offer a range of consultancy services to help make sure that your purchases reach their full potential. Moreover, our service is free of charge so there really is no excuse to struggle through yourself. Our procurement service lets you get back to doing what you do best.