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Centralised Email Signatures

Centralised Email Signatures are the ideal way to keep professionalism and consistency across all your employee’s emails. Our staff can customise the look and feel of your signatures to ensure they suit the style of your company. You can pick and choose to include any information you like, such as phone numbers, company logo, working hours etc.

What are the benefits?

Keeps your emails professional
Your emails will be signed off professionally and consistently across all staff.

Quick and simple to edit signatures
New employees? Promotions? Whatever the reason you need an email signature changed it’s no issue. It’s a quick and easy fix.

Available on multiple platforms
Whether you’re on your computer or phone it doesn’t matter, the signatures will be available on all devices.

Stress free
Our staff will do everything from start to finish. Meaning the whole processes will be stress and hassle free for you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make changes to the signatures?

Contact our Support Desk, who will swiftly implement any changes you wish to carry out.

How long does it take to set up?

Our team can create and design signatures for all of your employees within 2 hours.

Can staff modify their own signatures?

No, management will have complete control over what they wish the signatures to look like and include. This is to avoid discrepancies and keep your company image professional.

Can I have different signatures for each of our departments?

Of course, management just needs to contact our team and inform them of what they would like each departments signature to include and we will implement it for you.

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