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Common Computer Myths: Don’t Be Fooled!

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Whether it used to be a fact, or was always a legend, some tech myths are still floating around that need a good debunking. It’s simple, really: stay informed, stay safe. Let’s get straight in to 5 common computer myths.

1. I don’t need an AntiVirus!

In all fairness, I used to be a culprit for this one – they slow down your computer, and I can tell whether or not my computer has a virus anyway, right?

Well, no.

A decade or so ago, maybe there was some truth here. Nowadays however, modern antiviruses are very efficient and modern computers are fast – making this the first computer myth on our list. We recommend the repeat award winning BitDefender (click here to contact us about it). It keeps your files private to you, keeps the viruses out all while keeping your computer as fast as ever. Prevention over recovery, every time.

BitDefender Total Security Review (2021) // The Pros & Cons

2. I don’t care about security – I don’t have anything a hacker would want.


One, hackers want your identity. They want to use your personal details to commit crimes without it being traceable back to them. This is the number one reason why you need to be security conscious.

Two, hackers want to use your computer. Hacking takes processing power and lots of it. If hackers can’t steel your identity they will want to install a ‘bot’ on your computer to automatically try hacking other computers around the world… from your house and appearing to be you!

WannaCry Ransomware Attack: What is it? | Avast

3. Windows Updates – Who needs them?

In recent years, especially with the introduction of Solid State Drives (get upgraded if you haven’t already!), Windows Updates have become very well-behaved. They install relatively quickly, stay out of your way, and prioritise new features, security, and speed.

A lot of well-known viruses and exploits can be prevented by a simple security update. Updates will also fix many, many bugs and annoyances. Best of all, they bring new features to your computer. Still not convinced it’s a computer myth? Our blog article about them will tell you more.

computer myth - windows updates aren't so bad

4. My computer’s slow, do I have a virus?

If your computer is slow, there’s a long list of potential reasons other than having a virus. Whether it’s a lack of memory, an old style mechanical hard drive, or your computer is just too old, it’s best to get someone to check it out before jumping to any conclusions.

That’s not to say you don’t have a virus though. Get an antivirus if you don’t have one already, and maybe try uninstalling all those unnecessary programs.

If you’re concerned, we have a list of 5 signs your computer needs a repair.

How To Speed Up A Laptop or Computer - Which?

5. Mac vs PC: The oldest computer myth?

Mac’s being “superior” is one of the oldest and long-lasting computer myths. Mostly due to the higher price tag and the “magic” aesthetic, Macs, Macbooks and Mac Pros can often be seen as the holy grail of computing. Many believe that a Mac can’t get viruses, are faster or are for ‘professionals’.

The reality is… complicated. There’s arguments both ways.

For the vast majority of people, there are very few reasons why a Windows computer would be a bad choice. Most of the time, it makes more sense to choose a PC, mainly because more programs are compatible with PCs.

For those looking for a single task computer like video editing or graphic design, Mac can be a good choice too. Maybe there’s a program you need that’s only on Mac, or you just really love the style and are willing to pay extra for it.

It’s personal preference, but don’t be fooled into thinking either are just “better”.

Mac vs PC: How to choose the best operating system

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