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Windows 11 – Love it or hate it?

Windows 11 has been out for a few weeks now and like we promised – here is our verdict! Having discussed the new features with our experts, we’ve compiled six features that we love or hate!

Appearance – We love it!

Probably the one feature we were the most excited to see, and Microsoft has certainly delivered. The new, slick, Mac-esque look of Windows 11 is exactly what we were hoping for, and more!

Widgets are back – We hate it!

Ok, hate seems a bit strong here but they just seem a bit… pointless. We understand that Microsoft is trying to use them to make things a bit easier but would anyone really miss them if they weren’t there?

Estimated reboot times – We love it!

Such a simple feature we didn’t realize we needed until now. Giving us a much-needed heads up on how long it will take to reboot our computers is a nice addition, even if the update is only going to take 5-minutes (as shown below), it lets us know we have some time to spare if we want to make a cuppa rather than wait around twiddling our thumbs!

Estimated reboot time

Settings app navigation – We love it!

There really isn’t much more to say other than it’s just so much nicer and more simple than the Windows 10 settings app. Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly why we prefer something and this is one of those. When you do decide to download Windows 11 give it a go and let us know your thoughts!

Lack of taskbar moveability – We hate it!

The taskbar looks great which is a plus but we’d love to be able to move it to where we want. It just seems a bit annoying that this wasn’t included in the new update.

Screen snapping – We love it!

It’s so easy to snap programs to different parts of the screen, which makes working on multiple tasks easy. If you have two programs running you need to use at the same time you can simply create a spilt screen. There are plenty of variants to choose from too, as shown below!

Screen snapping

Speed – We hate it!

Windows 11 isn’t slow don’t get us wrong, but it is slower than Windows 10, which makes it seem like we’re taking a bit of a step back. Both of them use the same hardware so why isn’t it as fast? Anyway, computers will speed up in the future so this will soon become a moot point. We’ll forgive Microsoft on this one.

Our overall verdict – We love it!

To be perfectly honest, the things we’ve said we hate about Windows 11 is probably just us nitpicking because overall, Windows 11 is great! If you’re eager to download it we don’t blame you, but please make sure you read our article about whether or not your computer is suitable for it.

What do you love or hate about the Windows 11 update? We’d love to hear your thoughts, even if you disagree with a few of ours! Call us on 03333 055 055 to speak to one of our experts.


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