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IT Support FAQs

IT Support FAQs

  • How do I fix a paper jam in my printer?

    When dealing with a paper jam, first turn off the printer to avoid damage. Open the printer’s access doors and carefully remove any stuck paper. Check multiple areas like the input and output trays and under the cartridges. After clearing the jam, close all doors and turn the printer back on. It may be necessary to rerun your last print job if it was interrupted.

  • How can I clear my print queue if documents are stuck and won’t print?

    To clear your print queue, go to the Control Panel on your computer, select 'Devices and Printers', right-click your printer, and choose 'See what’s printing'. From the menu, you can cancel all documents or select individual entries to cancel. Restarting your printer and computer can also help reset the printing process.

  • Why can’t I connect to the company drive remotely?

    If you're unable to access your company drive from home, you may need to connect through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Ensure your VPN is set up and connected correctly. If issues persist, check with your IT department to ensure your account permissions include remote access and that the company’s server isn’t undergoing maintenance.

  • How do I delete cookies and browser history to maintain privacy?

    To delete cookies and history, go to your browser’s settings menu and find the privacy or history section. From there, you can clear your browsing data, which typically includes cookies, cached files, and history. Doing this regularly helps maintain your privacy and optimizes browser performance.

  • How can I browse the internet privately?

    Most modern browsers offer a private browsing mode (Incognito in Chrome, Private in Firefox, and InPrivate in Edge) that doesn't store your browsing history or web cache. Activating this mode can usually be done from the browser’s main menu, where you select the option to open a new private window.

  • How do I change my web browser’s homepage?

    To set or change your homepage, open your browser settings. There should be an option to set the homepage where you can enter a URL of your choice. This setting can usually be found under appearance or general settings, depending on the browser.

  • What is the most secure way to create a password?

    For secure passwords, the use of 'three random words' is recommended. This method balances memorability and security, making your passwords hard to guess but easy to remember. Avoid common phrases and include a mix of uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols if the site's security requirements demand it.

  • Should I upgrade my computer with an SSD?

    Upgrading to an SSD can significantly improve your computer’s performance, including faster boot times, quicker application launches, and speedier file access. This is especially noticeable in systems that still use traditional hard drives.

  • Is it safe to remove USB devices without ejecting them first?

    With Windows 10 and newer, USB devices can often be safely removed without ejecting if they are not actively transferring data. However, to prevent data loss, using the eject option from the system tray is safer.

  • Can Microsoft Office be used on devices other than Windows PCs, like iPads or Android tablets?

    Microsoft Office is available across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. Users can download the Office apps from their respective app stores and log in with a Microsoft account to access their files and Office tools.

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